Ramzi bin-al-Shibh reads Ali Soufan's "The Black Banners", and so should you.
My first thought on seeing the words "a banned copy of a former FBI agent's memoirs" was that he somehow got ahold of Robert Wright's memoirs, but those are still state secrets after close to fifteen years.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch discusses book publishers treating unrecovered advances as debts instead of losses and underreporting e-book and physical book sales when calculating royalties, and writers' unions pressuring writers to sign contracts surrendering more rights to the publishers ... and then her website was broken into within half a day of posting that, so the link goes to a mirror.

According to comments, the attacker installed the Blackhole Exploit Kit (see also ZScaler, Symantec, Websense) and used it to somehow modify a linked image in the post, giving the appearance of the attacker hitting subsequent attempts to mirror the original post. The timing of the attack could have been a coincidence.

Regardless of the technical shenanigans, the legal shenanigans described in the post are interesting to read about.

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