Greek naval forces claim to have seized a ship carrying 20,000 Kalashnikovs plus ammunition. That's enough to arm a division. The ship is the Nour M, IMO: 7226627, and is said to have been traveling to Iskenderun, Tartus, and Libya. That sounds familiar, although I assume these are commonly-trafficed ports. The ship's captain claims the cargo was destined for the Libyan military, which does little to diminish the implication that the weapons might have been destined for someone unreputable. El Mundo says the containers will not be opened until Monday, which throws the story into doubt. details )

We don't know who placed the order or made payment, if any initial payment was made. Given the secrecy surrounding stories like this, we probably never will.

Greece has outlawed the Golden Dawn Party which is better described as a Nazi terrorist organization that has seats in parliament. The trigger was the killing of a popular rapper who ironically called himself Killah P, which goes to show that violence is not quite so glorious when it happens to you. This finally follows several years of the GD fascists beating up people in the streets and the police letting them get away with it.

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