Not only was there a shakeup in the 49ers coaching staff after the firing of Jim Harbaugh, but the 49ers have lost almost enough players to field a team. Many of them are starters.

[Edit Aug 28] and starting OLB Ahmad Brooks was charged with sexual battery, so that might be another player out.

We'll miss these guys too

Judging by the preseason, the new players and coaching staff are doing a good job. However, I have no idea who these people are.

Barely related: explaining football to a dinosaur.

[Edit Sep 6] More players were cut to bring the team down to 53 men for the season. Of the names I recognize:

Remaining on the team in some form:

Here's a more detailed article on the most recent changes.

The 49ers have very strong depth at running back this year. Carlos Hyde is Gore's heir apparent. If he gets hurt, the Niners picked up veteran starter Reggie Bush to be his backup. If he gets hurt, Rugby Motherfucker will run you over. If he gets hurt, the rookie Mike Davis had a good enough preseason to earn a roster spot next to these guys. And then Kendall Hunter is hurt but he might get better.

Whoever at NBC thought it would be a good idea to cut away from the 49er game to show the President's speech on the school shooting in Connecticut should be informed that most of the people who were watching the football game would rather be watching football. Unless Obama is going to say that he has a way to bring the kids back to life or he is starting another war to distract us from our sorrows, it's not important.

[Edit: reference for non-football-fans.]

Assuming that the recent changes to NFL overtime rules are intended to prevent the coin toss from being the primary factor in a team's victory, and personally not liking the new rules, I propose a different set of scoring and victory rules that I call the Challenge-Response model.

  • The visiting team gets the ball first.
  • The game ends immediately if there is a difference in score after the end of a home team drive or a defensive scoring play.
  • No extra points.

How this will play out:

The visiting team is given the first chance to score, and then the home team is given a chance to respond in kind. If they cannot, they lose. If they do better, they win. If they match the visitors' performance, the game continues in the same manner until time expires.

Removing the extra point attempt will avoid bad feelings of players and fans feeling cheated if they got 7 points and the other team went for the two point conversion. It will also speed up gameplay a little.

The average overtime session will go on longer, and there will be more tied games.

There will be more fourth-and-long situations because the home team is forced to try to advance on fourth down if it is behind.

There will be situations where the visiting team runs out the clock before kicking a field goal to give the home team insufficient time to respond, but that's already a part of the regular game.

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