Nov. 16th, 2016 08:09 pm

Put the best five guys in the NBA together on one team and put them on the court. You'll see brilliant plays by one player at a time, but they won't play to their peak potential because they're not used to playing with each other as a team. They are not familiar with each others' instincts. They are not used to working together.

Take the guys ranked 25 through 30 and let them train for a month, practice, and get used to each other. Then put them up on the court against the top five guys. They'll win. Why?

Because 25 through 30 is six people.

Not only was there a shakeup in the 49ers coaching staff after the firing of Jim Harbaugh, but the 49ers have lost almost enough players to field a team. Many of them are starters.

[Edit Aug 28] and starting OLB Ahmad Brooks was charged with sexual battery, so that might be another player out.

We'll miss these guys too

Judging by the preseason, the new players and coaching staff are doing a good job. However, I have no idea who these people are.

Barely related: explaining football to a dinosaur.

[Edit Sep 6] More players were cut to bring the team down to 53 men for the season. Of the names I recognize:

Remaining on the team in some form:

Here's a more detailed article on the most recent changes.

The 49ers have very strong depth at running back this year. Carlos Hyde is Gore's heir apparent. If he gets hurt, the Niners picked up veteran starter Reggie Bush to be his backup. If he gets hurt, Rugby Motherfucker will run you over. If he gets hurt, the rookie Mike Davis had a good enough preseason to earn a roster spot next to these guys. And then Kendall Hunter is hurt but he might get better.

scrap dump

Jun. 6th, 2014 05:15 am

I had intentions to write a blog post declaring 2011 as the Year of the Hacker but never got around to it. We had LulzSec, J3ster, and Web Ninjas. We had Stuxnet. We had Iran hacking certificate agencies. We had the iPhone "Towson" hack. We had noobs getting arrested for using LOIC from home. We had a virus hit control computers for the CIA's drones.

The benefit of modern Javascript+HTML is that you can do anything with it. The drawback of making Javascript+HTML a Turing-complete environment is that you can do anything with it.

I was studying Android programming a few months years ago, and they made this recommendation: "Don't call the UI-construction code directly! Use XML for your interfaces!"

The Android XML format is so painful to look at that I thought it worth my time to design my own alternate domain-specific language rather than use the one they gave me. (I never finished it)

The old practice of web development

<TITLE>My Webpage</TITLE>

The new practice of web development

var node_html = document.createElement("HTML");
var node_html_head = document.createElement("HEAD");
var node_html_head_title = document.createElement("TITLE");
node_html_head_title.innerHTML ="My Webpage" 

Android and the Web seem to be going in opposite directions there.

I propose a new baseball statistic that weights and combines multiple different types of failure. Call it Derps Per Perp.

For pitchers:

  • any appearance including:
    • an inning surrendering four or more runs, OR
    • any appearance of under one inning that is not the final appearance of that inning.
  • Balks
  • Hit batters

for batters:

  • Hitting into double and triple plays
  • Fielding errors

Divide batter stats by factors related to at-bats

Divide pitcher stats by factors related to innings pitched

Statistics for the AL might need to be adjusted due to pitchers not hitting and designated hitters not fielding.


May. 26th, 2014 05:09 pm

The Giants and A's have the best and 3rd-best records in major league baseball. Nice.

Both teams are doing it without any superstar offensive players. They are stacked with superstar pitchers, though.

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