Mar. 13th, 2012 07:42 pm
Scene: A bar. It is night time. The customers are all 4chan faces. The Y-U-NO guy exits the door, bringing us to...

Scene: City street. The Y-U-NO guy walks down the street. A blurry shadow is behind him. He turns around and confronts his follower.


The shadow of a hand thrusting a knife flashes across the screen.

Scene: Police gathered at the crime scene. It is now daytime. Enter detective LOLLANDER, wearing his standard black suitcoat over a rumpled button shirt and having Lolface for a head except that the smile is turned upside down into a frown. LOLLANDER shows his identification to the police.

LOLLANDER: "Lollander."

The police allow him to enter.

LOLLANDER looks down at the body and says nothing.
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