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Crash Champions character profiles

From one of my fanfics in progress, meet Mick and his team of combatants who seem very familiar but have been renamed so I could feel comfortable changing their characterization to suit the development of the story.


Miguel "Mick" Legato - The sleazy team manager. Mick is an overweight 45-year-old man with an interdimensional starship and the legal rights to fill a few slots in the Crash Championship tournament, but no fighters to fill the slots. The story begins as he tries to recruit some fighters to make some money.

Appearance: Slightly overweight 45-year-old man, mostly bald, with a pencil thin mustache. He speaks with a nasal tone. He always appears happy and enthusiastic.

Background: Mick is a wheeler and dealer who made enough money to buy a dimension ship and some combat slots in the tournament. The last year was bad for him. He lost rights to all of his fighters and has also worked up a large amount of debt. He needs to make money this year or else he is going to lose everything.

Character: Mick is enthusiastic about everything he does and drives the early part of the story with his joyful eagerness. He has a crush on all of the women. He has little concern about the feelings of the inhabitants of the universes, he just makes things happen that he wants to happen.

Mick can be shortsighted and have his head in the clouds.

When Mick complains about things, it is to make light of the situation in the sense that "this too shall pass", and he views the problem as an entertaining distraction rather than anything to worry about.

Like most dimension splitters, Mick has no respect for life. He sees everyone as a plaything, and he will destroy entire planets or universes if it suits him. This horrifies people from most dimensions but it's normal where he's from.

Clothing: Mick's usual clothing is casual wear. He might wear a pocketless T-shirt and vest, or a sweater. He often wears a utility belt.

Light Combat: Once or twice Mick will step into the arena with a tonfa and train the girls personally.

Heavy Combat Armor: He wears the Alif Armor, the best form of heavy combat armor from Alex's world. It is silver and has a crested helmet like the classic Cylon helmet. He also carries a long heavy plasma rifle.


General Celestia van Rijndael (pronounced "rindel") is a Renaissance-era military commander with magic powers and a sharp strategic mind. Extremely powerful in magical worlds, she is just a small woman with a sword in technical worlds until she learns that she can temporarily gain power from some energy weapons. She takes over the team when Mick disappears.

Background: The child of a noble family, sent to officer's training school, selected for a magical enhancement program, falsely accused of treason and sentenced to death, rescued by Mick. Mick wanted to enter her into the tournament but she was disqualified after she broke through the training facility's safety protocols and blew a hole in the wall. Then Mick got designs on keeping her around as a potential mate so he started training her on how to use the dimension ship.

Appearance: Small but muscular figure - she may be tiny but she is a soldier and regularly exercises. She is introduced while wearing heavy armor and it should surprise the viewer to see how small she is. She has light skin and light wispy hair. She is graceful like a star fallen to earth.

Character: She looks fragile and delicate but is very strong willed and difficult to manipulate. She is good at quickly judging the character of other people and interacting with them in whatever manner is best to get what she wants out of them. She rarely loses her temper; when she has to yell, it is a tactical decision. She provides the team's planning, decisiveness, and long-term vision.

Magic Powers: Tia is one of the strongest mages in the story. Only the referee Cat Black can stand up to her. Her demonstrated skills include floating, ice formation, lightning, and a huge explosion.

Sword: Tia has a magic sword that can capture the energy of spells cast upon her. She learns that it can also capture some forms of energy from technical worlds and allow her to cast spells.

Clothing: When not wearing armor, Tia wears flowing, elegant dresses of fine material. She usually looks ready to attend a royal ball. Her clothing looks spectacular when she floats.

Steel Armor: Initially, Tia wears full plate armor. Over the armor she wears a worn tabard with a white and green diamond checkerboard pattern, her house colours. She has a helmet with a wide (or open) visor to show her facial expressions.

Heavy Combat Armor: After losing her steel armor, she wears a version of Alif Armor that has been custom fit to her small figure.


Alex Smith - A space-age bounty hunter with power armor. She is an unregistered version of the tournament combatant Alex Smith from a split dimension, used as an overpaid training dummy because they are not allowed to take her to the core worlds. She is the team's bodyguard on adventures.

Alex has a split second reaction time and will be the first person to see a potential threat and react to it. Alex's combat style involves running, jumping, and gymnastic spinning.

Background: Mick offered her a LOT of money for this job. Mick had to split her dimension several times to find an Alex Smith that would put up with him. She stays with the team because the luxuries on Mick's training base are as good as whatever she would kick back with at the bar after a mission.

Appearance: Alex is tall and athletic with short hair. Her power armor looks like something out of Star Wars. Outside of her armor she often wears shorts and a sports bra and looks the part of a fitness instructor.

Character: Alex is a cold emotionless killer. She is used to working alone. She is not used to teamwork, she is uncomfortable with taking orders, and she is not used to having friends. This slowly changes as she begins to appreciate her coworkers.


Jillian Ross is the team's everygirl - with superpowers. Other combatants are princesses or wizards. Jill was a sophomore studying marine biology at San Luis Obispo Community College when the lizards attacked. She is surprised when the newer members of the team look up to her.

Background: After Jill's Earth was invaded by space lizards, Jill was subjected to experiments to integrate alien military nanites into the human body. The nanites gave Jill adjustable super-strength, a force field, and the ability to communicate with computers by physical contact. Jill singlehandedly kicked the lizards off Earth and thereafter lived a stone-age life with a few other survivors for a few years before Mick pulled her off the planet.

Mental illness: Jill had an anxiety disorder that exploded into full scale hallucinations during the stress of the fighting and adjusting to life without civilization. She has had enough time to calm down, but sometimes symptoms flare up again.

Appearance: Jill is an average 23-year-old woman of average height and build wearing average clothes. She is physically fit but not a fanatic about it. She has long black straight hair going down her back. She wears those popular black pants that do not cover the ankles, with crew cut socks.

Character: Jill is in over her head but trying to make the best of it. She is the heart of the team, the mediator between the other quirky characters, and the emotional support for anyone who needs it. Jill quickly becomes the team's pilot and computer expert after they lose Mick because she can directly interface with the ship's computer.


Ceilidh Bustamante (blame Zib for that) is a teenaged sorceress with a tall staff. Her first name is pronounced "Kaylee".

Background: Ceilidh is a princess of an Atlantean civilization raised by a mad queen who tried to sacrifice her for power. She saw her mother killed and her kingdom destroyed as she was rescued. She has a huge PTSD problem.

Appearance: Ceilidh is a 16-year-old dark-skinned Indian with curly black hair. In combat she wears a blue cloak or robe and carries a tall wizard staff. Her clothing under her cloak is elegant, befitting a princess, with a strong Indian influence.

Character: Ceilidh is very refined and well behaved. She uses archaic English grammar such as "does it not?" rather than the modern "doesn't it." She enunciates her words carefully. She does not use contractions.

Ceilidh is the most broken of the girls and needs Jill's help to adjust to her new life. She is also the most in need of training. She takes over the newbie role after Jill becomes the second most experienced.

Light Combat Armor: On technological worlds, Ceilidh wears a light combat suit that leaves her face and hands visible. It resembles a bodysuit with plastic shinguards, elbow pads, etc attached to it. She carries a telescoping staff that produces a dome-shaped energy shield, so she acts as defensive support rather than a fighter. She also has a lightsaber that Alex gave her in case any bugs get close.


Natasha Romanov is a rebellious brat princess from a medieval-fantasy world. The team kidnaps her and forces into the tournament because they were desperate to fill a slot quickly. She is a natural fighter and makes the semifinals.

Background: Natasha used to sneak out of the castle and wrestle other kids in the town tavern until the team stuffed her in a sack and pressed her into the tournament.

Appearance: Tomboy with freckly face and curly red hair. Canonical age 14-15. She is often scowling.

Character: Natasha is impulsive, difficult to control, willing to cause trouble. When she is not ignoring everybody, she is bothering everybody. She loves competition and fights in the tournament because she wants the glory.

Heavy Combat Armor: Her power armor is rounder, with large shoulders and with the armor's "head" going down into the "chest" area. It is colored bright pink. She is more hyper in the suit than she is out of it, bouncing up and down and chattering away. Later in the story, the right arm of her armor will be rigged with an external frame that that allows her to punch harder because she kept trying to punch bugs instead of shooting them.