Jun. 16th, 2016

The assassin Tommy Mair was an early subscriber to a South African nationalist agitation rag. ([Update #1] This information has been removed from the link. Was it the wrong Tommy Mair?)

The dumb fuck could have waited two weeks for the vote; Brexit was up in the polls until now.

Now watch the other side squirm and insist that a politically motivated killer was only mentally ill and it had nothing to do with his politics. ([Update #1] If the evidence of his motivation has been pulled, we're stuck with no evidence about his motivation. Still, it wouldn't surprise me.)
Update #2: his political motive is confirmed.

So I logged onto Facebook for the first time in a year or two and it recommends three people:

  1. My dad again
  2. Someone I briefly knew at a different school, and not the last person.
  3. A third person who I don't know but is someone who Facebook could reasonably have found through my friends network. The first two suggestions are not.

A possible explanation: the second person got me to join some other social network whose name I have forgotten. It's possible that I might have used the same email to join both and that Facebook bought and merged their database.

Another possibility is that I may have searched Facebook for the names of these acquaintances years ago and Facebook stored the search requests to datamine later. However, I don't see why I would have searched for this person if I knew that they used a different social network.

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