Browsing through the news a little too quickly, I badly misread the headline "Nato warns Russia on Syria strikes" and now I can't stop imagining a certain whiskered ninja bragging about his jitsu skills to a flexing, nonchalant Vladimir Putin.

Link related.

Stein's Gate is like Primer with madder science, with the main character being a bona fide mad scientist with a maniacal laugh who wears a lab coat everywhere. There's a murder mystery that ends with the murderee walking around like nothing's happened, a plot thread involving John Titor, and enough sitcom-like dialogue that it's almost a slice-of-life comedy except that the goings-on are very unusual. I've seen 2 eps, and it's really good so far.

Remembering how scared the RIAA was of music on the internet, I find it hilarious that the studios put all their best songs on Youtube so you don't have to buy their albums to have a listen.

[EDIT] and in related three-year-old not-news-to-anyone-but-me, Funimation put all six eps of FLCL on Youtube. Nice.

[Edit #2] Funimation has a whole bunch of series on Youtube. Niiiiice.

Fun stuff

May. 11th, 2013 06:42 pm

I managed to miss seeing the most hyped anime movie of the time that I was most heavily into anime. There's netflix for that. Review below the cut )

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