"The Rise of the Fourth Reich" by Jim Marrs was recommended to me as a book about how the Nazis reorganized after the war, with some interesting sections on Nazi military technology. Unfortunately, it is thin on the question of where the money and influence went and through which postwar connections, and the sections on the WunderWaffe are a hair removed from the stories of Nazi flying saucers in Antarctic bases piloted by lizard men from the moon.

A few parts of the book produce intriguing claims that could conceivably be possible and could theoretically be challenged, so it may not be a total loss. These include: Read more... )

The other sections of the book are similar in style. The section on Nazi political reorganization places much emphasis on the postwar activities of Martin Bormann (who died in 1945), and Marrs describes the European Union as the political conclusion of the Nazi plan to unite Europe without proving a link between the two.

Overall conclusion: the book was a waste of my time and a waste of Marrs's time as he read many source materials and gathered references to support every one of his claims. However, it is a house built on a foundation of sand.

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