Apr. 21st, 2013 07:16 pm
For decades, the news agencies covering elections in the US were so wary of fascism and its mechanisms that they would flip the party colours from red to blue in every presidential election so that no party could lay claim to either colour. Today, Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica website consistently use the colour blue to represent Democrats and the colour red to represent Republicans in showing the results of past elections. The first reason I can imagine for them doing so is so as not to offend Republicans who claimed the color red for themselves after the Bush-Gore election of 2000 showed Republican control over high-volume, low-population states, painting most of the map red. Then comes Occam's Razor: it's technologically easier.

A story making the rounds is that a fascist group in the UK found out where one of their political enemies lives and sent a mob to harass him. The police showed up and arrested the victim and his family, not for their protection but on the charge of causing distress to the mob assaulting them at their home. You see, this was a Muslim fascist organization -- in fact, it's a branch of al-Qaeda -- and as such that group gets special favour from the authorities . We only have the EDL's side of the story so far, but it is entirely believable given the trends of the past twenty years.

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