A 1995 State Department cable details an attempt by Marc Rich's Israeli friends to get his international arrest warrants revoked. The way that it would work is that Rich would make a large bribe *ahem* investment with the PLO, and the US State Department would declare Rich to be too important to the Arab-Israeli peace process to arrest. Questions that this raises include: Why would the Americans consider this to be a beneficial arrangement? What would the Israelis get from it besides fucked?

Rich's case was promoted by two people. One of them was a US intelligence asset (which you can tell because the name is still classified) who represented the Israeli government (which you can tell because the proposal was forwarded as being from the GOI). It was this spook who raised the issue during an August 29, 1995 meeting with Dennis Ross and Martin Indy. Mr. Spooky also "approached Rich to take the lead in promoting an 'economic solution'" of "promoting industrial zones in the West Bank and Gaza". State was expected to declare Rich persona est grata because Bill Clinton had made general statements about promoting economic development in the West Bank and Gaza.

The second of Mark Rich's supporters was his lawyer Isaac Herzog, who is the current leader of the Israeli Labour Party. Interesting. From what I can tell, Herzog was not in government at this time and was still a lawyer in private practice.

For some baseless speculation as to Mr. Spooky's possible identity, I will note that "Shimon Peres" fits in the blank space for his name, Peres was Israel's Foreign Affairs minister at the time, and his son Chemi Peres runs a large investment firm that would have an interest in finding new sources of money. Another name that fits is Daniel Yatom who was between jobs at the time, previously head of the Israeli army central command and soon to be head of Mossad. There are certainly many more Israelis who I haven't heard of whose names would fit.

For some fun reading, Deep Capture connects Marc Rich to the Genovese mafia.

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