The Gatestone Institute fired Clare Lopez for mentioning Diana West's new book. Not that most people would know who any of them are or care, but it is nice to know who the censorious fascists are. See also earlier.

Whatever is going on, this is bigger than a personal dispute with David Horowitz or Robert Spencer. Somebody very powerful is very angry at West. Reputations are being aimed and detonated like mortar shells, in a business where reputation is very valuable, and no one is saying what the real reason is.

On the subject of ongoing soap operas involving censorship of people on the right who you've never heard of, Brett Kimberlin sued a bunch of bloggers who called him a pedophile after his wife said they had premarital sex when she was underage. This story had mattered at one time when a Maryland judge overturned the Supreme Court's precedent of Brandenburg v. Ohio to order a blogger to stop writing about Kimberlin because the blogger had accurately reported on Kimberlin's past as the Speedway Bomber of 1978 Indiana. You didn't think a low-level judge could overturn Supreme Court precedent? He did. You hadn't heard that a US court ordered a blogger to stop blogging when the blogger was doing nothing more than documenting the past of a public figure? Wouldn't that get the free speech activists on the net riled up? Wouldn't it be on the front page of the tech blogs? Wouldn't the EFF get involved or at least mention it as a news item? No, it happened to a conservative so they refused to mention it.

Edit Oct 11: Russian turncoats Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov write in support of Diana West. For another appeal to authority, the usually nonpolitical Michael Totten endorsed Radosh and said people "need to know just how troublesome a figure West really is". M. Stanton Evans has written two books that come to similar conclusions as West, the pro-McCarthy Blacklisted by History and Stalin’s Secret Agents. Evans and West both claim their arguments are supported by newly declassified evidence that previous historians have not had access to.

Conservative author Diana West has a new book out. Frontpage reviewed the book before remembering they had West on an enemies list, then deleted the review and replaced it with a new negative review by Ron Radosh. West accuses Radosh of fabricating passages in her book to criticize them.

This all seems to stem from an incident where West got involved in a dispute between Robert Spencer and Andrew Bostom over in whose work a quote originated, and she traced the quote back to Bostom.

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