FBI officers who have been accused of obstructing the pre-9/11 investigations:

Ali Soufan's The Black Banners does not mention most of these people (according to Google Books search). It mentions Bowman in one passage:

The first new directive forbade the reading of the Miranda warning to detainees. Henceforth any confessions we got couldn't be used as evidence in any court, military or civilian. (The Uniform Code of Military Justice also requires that subjects be advised of their rights.) After many protested, especially the operatives assigned to various JTTFs who were reassigned to Gitmo, the bureau sent down a senior official, Spike Bowman, to tell us that Washington viewed Guantanamo at this stage as just an intelligence collection operation, and that we shouldn't worry about eventual prosecutions.

Richard Clarke's Against All Enemies does not mention any of the four.

Word on the web is that those accused of the improprieties were promoted by Director Robert Mueller, while the whistleblowers (Robert Wright, Coleen Rowley, Sibel Edmonds) were expelled from government service. At least Harry Samit seems to still have a job.

Ali Soufan blames the CIA for blocking his pre-9/11 investigations, and he also is no longer with the FBI.

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