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Again without seeing the movie or reading the book, I had an idea for a knockoff of the Spiderwick Chronicles which just came back to me this morning. Here's a brief outline.

The PencilNeck Chronicles

The boy and girl find some magical artifacts and explore the magical forest where they are attacked by an aggressive muscular imp while vines sprout to trap all three inside a square. The imp taunts them and flexes its muscles. The girl identifies the imp from the Magic Book.

IMP: "What we got here, a couple of PENCIL-NECKED GEEKS?"

GIRL: "It's called a Fredblassie! They're very aggressive."

IMP: "You about to feel the PAIN coming down, OOH YEAH!"

The boy and girl each take turns fighting the Fredblassie using obviously faked 1980s WWF moves while riffing the taunts and acts of WWF fighters, tagging each other out to switch fighters while the other one reads more of the Magic Book to try to find a way to defeat it. Finally, one of them finds a spell in the Magic Book that can defeat the Fredblassie.


They take turns speaking the spell, but nothing happens.

Then one of the kids decides to try reading the spell through the Magic Mirror.


Both children shout the spell as loud as they can. The Fredblassie is pulled into a magic vortex and the vines wither away.
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