Copying straight from John Schindler's twitter:

If @realDonaldTrump wants to clear up his Kremlin ties (see piece), let's resolve it now. A few simple questions.

  1. Does Trump or the Trump Org owe any funds to any Russian entities, state or private?
  2. Has Trump met or talked with Putin -- ever? The Donald has been all over the map with this one, but it's an easy question.
  3. Did Trump affiliates change the #GOP platform in Cleveland on #Ukraine -- or not? If so, who told them to?
  4. Has Mike Flynn (Trump's #natsec guru) accepted payment from RT or any other Russian government entities?
  5. Does Trump approve of comments made recently by Carter Page (his Russia guy) in Russia that sharply criticized the USA?
  6. Does Paul Manafort (Trump's campaign chair) currently accept any funding related to his years of work in #Ukraine for Yanukovych?
  7. Why is Roger Stone, a close friend of Trump's praising Julian Assange as a "hero" -- and does Trump agree with that assessment?
  8. What is the exact relationship between Trump and/or Trump Org and Felix Sater?
  9. The Trump campaign was warned about Russian influence in its ranks -- why did you ignore these warnings?
  10. A few simple questions that are easy to answer....if you want to. Let's hope @realDonaldTrump does.

A note of possible bias: Schindler is employed by Trump's kids.

"Armed men seized the regional government headquarters and parliament on Ukraine's Crimea peninsula on Thursday and raised the Russian flag."

Edit Feb 28: Ukraine has accused Russia of carrying out an armed invasion by sending naval forces to occupy Sevastopol airport in the Crimea region... Sevastopol is by name an international airport, but civilian flights stopped some years ago, and it is owned by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. So it would be of no real consequence that soldiers are guarding a military base were it not for the fact no-one knows whose orders they are obeying.... The BBC has seen eight trucks with the black plates of the Russian army moving towards Simferopol.

Edit Feb 28 #2

jaduncan at MeFi has a theory:

An act is being pushed in the Duma to allow foreign territories to join the Russian Federation after a referendum. There's a referendum on Crimean status scheduled for May 25 by the Crimean government supported by the Kremlin (as can be seen in the RT coverage).

From BBC: "Ethnic Ukrainians made up 24% of the population in Crimea according to the 2001 census, compared with 58% Russians and 12% Tatars." Also, Russia's navy is hosted there at Sevastapol so Russia would not have needed to bring any personnel or military equipment in. It would already have been there.

The revolt against Yanukovich was funded by USAID and Pierre Omidyar. "Over 200 Peace Corps Ukraine volunteers were working in the areas of education and youth and community development."

According to two sources, Ukraine's new Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatseniuk, is accusing the Yanukovich administration of embezzling about $70 billion. Switzerland and Austria are investigating Yanukovich for money laundering.

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