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Young Charles Xavier: "I can't fookin' believe they call thish pishwater beer. I'm not busshed in the shlightesht."

Young Magneto: "Rawrgh I hate you so much and we're going to be enemies for the rest of our lives! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

Young Charles Xavier: "Erik *hic*, when I invited you over to my playsh to get pished, I meant in the English shensh."

Young Magneto: "Oh."

(Suddenly, a portal in time and space opens in the middle of the room and ejects Wolverine.)

Wolverine: "I HEARD THERE WAS BEER HERE! And since I'm from Canada, I can get pissed in both the American and the English sense. RAWWRARRARRARRARRGH!!!!" (Wolverine drinks all the beer and the audience loves it.)

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