This is only my opinion fwiw, but library/add-on packages for a high-level scripting language should not require a C compiler, any version of Visual Studio, or any development environment for any different lower-level language.
With XP EOLing, I was thinking of moving to ReactOS, but looking at their release notes has me backing away. They just began "allowing for basic functionality of many USB devices" last year, and their most recent update has them fully rewriting some of the core system modules so expect instability.

Beginning with Windows Vista, users in the Administrators group cannot edit files that the Administrators group has full permissions to edit.

A supposed workaround is to make a Really Administrators group, assign your file permissions to Really Administrators, put your administrators in there instead of in Administrators, and stick that group under Administrators. I will have to try that.

Does Windows no longer have DOS device files? I redirected a program's output to nul and it actually created a file named "nul". Then I tried to delete the file through the GUI and got the error "Cannot delete nul: The parameter is incorrect". Huh.

It matters whether or not I am in Cygwin. DOS device files are emulated by cmd.exe and apparently filtered by Windows Explorer, but Cygwin can manipulate them without any difficulty. s_alanet at e2 discusses how this half-baked implementation of DOS device files can be used to DoS a file server by creating a file that cannot easily be deleted.

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