This sounds like a well-organized strike:

Federal Electricity Commission substations were attacked the early hours of Sunday in at least 10 municipalities... the blackouts were accompanied by unknown [parties] circulating in the streets aboard trucks and carrying firearms ... in one of the substations in the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Morelia, the Army recovered 130 Molotov cocktails to be used for a new attack ... This weekend the population of Apatzingán and other municipalities received under their doors anonymous warnings not to leave their homes

The LA Times adds that gas stations were also attacked. The attackers are low-tech but very well organized. The choice of attacking utilities suggests a desire to control public services and delegitimize the rule of the state.

Michoacán used to have one major cartel which is said to have been disbanded, but seems instead to have rebranded itself as the Knights Templar and started causing trouble.

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