Sep. 27th, 2016

5:53 they're going to be introducing the spouses. Who cares?


Subject: Job creation

Clinton gave a smattering of proposals, too many to attempt to contradict any one. With the first opportunity to speak, she stole several of Trump's issues.

Trump calls for bringing back trickle-down economics. Clinton nailed him on it.

Trump called for protectionist import taxes.

Trump sounds like he has a cold. #TrumpsHealth

Clinton aced this section and got in several jabs against Trump. Trump barely registered and sounded unprepared.

Clinton: A
Trump: D


Trump told Clinton "you've been fighting ISIS your entire adult life", possibly the dumbest thing he has said in the whole campaign.


Trump says we are in a big bubble and accused the Fed of being "political" and not doing their jobs.


Trump refuses to release his tax returns, redirects it into an attack on Clinton's emails. Politics as usual.

Clinton makes up a bunch of conspiracy theories about what might be in Trump's tax returns.


Trump plays up his businesses again and the "very fine banks" where he stores his money.

Clinton attacks Trump on his businesses that he always talks up. Brilliant assault on what he claims as a strength.

6:44 Moderator changes the issue to race, "how do you heal the divide?"

Clinton says race determines where you are allowed to live and "how you are treated in the criminal justice system." She gives Tulsa and Charlotte as two examples of racism. Charlotte was a black cop shooting someone who drew a gun on him. Big mistake by Clinton.

Clinton blames "the gun epidemic".

Trump calls for "law and order". No details. Supports stop-and-frisk.

Moderator says that stop-and-frisk was ruled unconstitutional. Trump says he was wrong.

Trump calls for taking guns from "bad people".

Trump appeals to blacks and hispanics and blames politicians for allowing gun violence. Clinton accuses Trump of insulting black communities.

Clinton denounces "systemic racism in our criminal justice system" and wants to "divert people from the criminal justice system". She calls for "common sense gun safety measures" to remove "military style weapons".

Trump brings up Clinton's use of the word "superpredator" and acknowledges that she had apologized for it.

Trump credits stop-and-frisk for reducing murders in New York. Clinton says crime has continued dropping since the practice was ended. Trump: "you're wrong."

Clinton: D
Trump: D

Trump demanded the opportunity to respond, was granted, and started an attack.

Moderator asks Trump about his past support for the birther issue. Trump blames Clinton campaign. Trump takes credit for Obama releasing his birth certificate. Moderator notes that Trump continued pressing the issue for years afterward.

Clinton says Trump started his career by being sued for refusing to rent to black people.

Trump accuses Clinton of treating Obama with terrible disrespect. He would know, he is an expert at treating people with disrespect.

7:06 Moderator changes subject to cyberwarfare

Clinton mentions commercial attackers and Russia, mentions Trump praising Putin. Clinton threatens retaliation for hacking.

Trump mentions his endorsements. Goes on attack on DNC, misses the subject. Talking vaguely about getting tough on cyberwarfare.

Clinton: B
Trump: F


Clinton calls for increased airstrikes on ISIS. Did she miss that we just gave ISIS air support for an attack on Syrian forces?

7:13 Moderator asks how to prevent homegrown attacks

Trump accuses Clinton and Obama of creating a vacuum in Iraq, forgets George W. Bush. Trump suggests leaving troops behind. Yeah, that would have been popular. Trump suggests we should have seized the oil. Yeah, that would have discouraged a rebellion.

Clinton calls for increased intelligence gathering and working with allies.

Clinton accuses Trump of insulting Muslims and she calls for cooperating with "the Muslim community". Unstated, the part of the Muslim community Clinton works with is al-Qaeda.

Trump accuses NATO of not paying their fair share, says NATO could be obsolete, takes credit for NATO opening a unit to concentrate on terrorism. Trump calls for NATO to invade surrounding nations and attack ISIS.

The moderator says Trump supported the Iraq war. Trump and the moderator argue about this. No one mentions Clinton's position on the war.

Clinton notes that Trump called for starting a war with Iran if they taunted our sailors.

Trump demands tribute from countries in America's sphere of influence.

Trump slams the Iran deal.

Clinton: "It is essential that America's word be good." Unless you're Libya.

Clinton praises the Iran deal as very successful.

Trump demands tribute from our allies again. Does he think he's playing Civ 1?


Clinton accuses Trump of saying that women don't deserve equal pay for equal work. The factcheckers need to take a look at this.

7:37 Moderator's final question is whether the candidate will accept losing the election. Holy shit! Why is this even a question?

Trump: "I want to make America great again" and he talks about a DHS immigration scandal. Finally he answers the question and says he will support Clinton.


Clinton: C
Trump: F

Clinton held steady and performed adequately.

Trump was unready, unsteady. He had little of substance to say. His attacks on Clinton were poorly timed and did not land.
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