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So in our postmodern horror entertainment we have vampires who don't act a thing like vampires and zombies that don't act a thing like zombies. Going along with the trend, I give you:

The Postmodern Werewolf

His body is covered in skin. He has a crew cut and is balding slightly which almost hides the fact that he is a werewolf, but his werewolf nature gives him a bit of chin stubble in the evenings.

And he wears a dog collar. Because he's a werewolf.

He is a vegetarian, having sworn off red meat for his health. However, the hunter's nature is still in him, so he runs a fishing boat off Cape Cod and he checks ebay for bargain deals.

When the moon is full, he says "hey that's neat" and goes inside to watch Sailor Moon anime.

You will never catch him drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's. He goes for Starbucks. No, wait; Wolf Coffee. Because he's a werewolf, you see.

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