Not only was there a shakeup in the 49ers coaching staff after the firing of Jim Harbaugh, but the 49ers have lost almost enough players to field a team. Many of them are starters.

[Edit Aug 28] and starting OLB Ahmad Brooks was charged with sexual battery, so that might be another player out.

We'll miss these guys too

Judging by the preseason, the new players and coaching staff are doing a good job. However, I have no idea who these people are.

Barely related: explaining football to a dinosaur.

[Edit Sep 6] More players were cut to bring the team down to 53 men for the season. Of the names I recognize:

Remaining on the team in some form:

Here's a more detailed article on the most recent changes.

The 49ers have very strong depth at running back this year. Carlos Hyde is Gore's heir apparent. If he gets hurt, the Niners picked up veteran starter Reggie Bush to be his backup. If he gets hurt, Rugby Motherfucker will run you over. If he gets hurt, the rookie Mike Davis had a good enough preseason to earn a roster spot next to these guys. And then Kendall Hunter is hurt but he might get better.

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