Yasin Qadi has been meeting with Turkey's intelligence chief Hakan Fidan since last year, and his presence in Turkey became known because he was involved in a car accident in February. My conspiracy-theory senses are tingling; did Western or Israeli intelligence cause the accident to create a record of Qadi's presence? Getting back to reality, we don't know who the other party in the traffic accident was. It could have been a tree. Of the other passengers, I could not dig up anything on Usame Kutub (Osama Qutb, Usama Qutb, a common name) and the third person in the car was one of the Prime Minister's guards.

Background: Read History Commons on Qadi. From what I've read elsewhere, Qadi was a close associate of National Commercial Bank CEO Khalid bin Mahfouz and was one of al-Qaeda's top fundraisers. It was an investigation into Qadi and his network al-Qaeda that the FBI in Washington impeded and finally shut down in 1998-1999.

So now we have a key al-Qaeda figure coordinating with the head of Turkish intelligence and the Prime Minister's office, likely about the logistics for al-Qaeda forces in the war against Syria. And the US is providing the supplies.
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