Malik Obama is a big-time terrorist financier. Obama as in that Obama; he is the US President's brother. This confirms earlier rumours emanating from the Egyptian Supreme Court. As an interesting side note, the tax-exempt status for Malik's terrorist-funding "charity" was rushed by IRS agent Lois Lerner, who Republicans have accused of blocking tax-exempt status for their organizations.

Mohamed Morsi immediately allied with al-Qaeda upon taking power in Egypt. His own aides appear to have bugged him for the Mukhabarat. Remember everyone saying he was a moderate? Remember everyone saying that his liberal and secular Egyptian opponents were misinformed tools of the American right wing? That was al-Qaeda propaganda to support their conquest of Egypt. The question arises of how it was able to spread so well.

Here's a third big story: Have you seen either of these items in your newspaper or on TV? Try looking. I see one article in the Jerusalem Post, and everything else is a Republican or Christian blog.

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