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The "leaked" messages may be complete fiction from a troll, but I hope the police have plans for contingencies.

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Date: 2016-07-16 11:29 am (UTC)
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It looks like they're setting up conditions for something violent to happen, which will maybe give the right-wingers the excuse to pre-empt the elections.

Which is possibly supported by elements of the government, but not all of it.

It basically serves as a combination of the beer-hall putsch and reichstag fire, and excuse for a coup possibly.

Thing is, I think they know they're not going to win the election democratically, and they can't let that happen. Partly because psychologically and ideologically they can not bear the idea of not winning, and partly because if they don't then the wheels are about to come off the GoP.

Another loss would see it splinter and then you'd see decades of in-fighting as the far-right organise themselves into a separate party [and a far more dangerous one]. The Professional politicians who are cynically playing the parties know this, and also know they're not going to win conventionally... or even by the methods of cheating they've been using so far. Trump is a weak nominee at best, and against Hillary who has the support of most of the D.C insiders, is essentially unelectable.

Ergo... we shall see either something unprecedented in America, a coup in effect, or we shall see the GoP blow itself apart. Or in a worst case scenario, both.
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