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It's time to update my webcomics list.

The top tier:

  • Blindsprings -- After a 300-year absence, a legendary young princess returns to a world that has banned magic. Updates Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • Freefall -- Sci-fi with three-panel gags and a decade-long plot about the impact of artificial intelligence on society. Updates MWF.
  • Girl Genius -- Action with plenty of Sufficiently Advanced steampunk technology. Updates MWF.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court -- An excellent fantasy/story comic. Updates MWF.
  • Sluggy Freelance -- My favourite strip for a long time, still a high quality comic even though it has switched its focus from silly gags to serious long-term plots. Updates MWF.
  • Unsounded -- A charismatically bratty thief and her warlock-lich bodyguard get caught up in different adventures while attempting to complete a simple deliver-a-message quest. The artwork and worldbuilding are the best of any comic in this list. Updates MWF.
  • Wilde Life -- A man moves into a new town full of magic and mystery. Updates MWF.
  • Paranatural -- Middle-school students fight evil spirits, with enough silliness to make it entertaining. Updates Mondays and Fridays.
  • Widdershins -- Magic and adventure in 19th-century England. Updates TF.
  • Rusty and Co. -- A hilarity-filled spoof of Dungeons and Dragons. Updates Wednesdays.


  • Grrl Power -- This comic about a team of superpowered women has shown the potential to be either a good comic or a very bad one. So far it has been good. Updates Monday and Thursdays.
  • Not A Villain -- A somewhat-reformed hacker tries to re-enter a MMORPG following a global apocalypse that she probably caused. Updates Tuesday and Friday.
  • Quantum Vibe -- Futuristic sci-fi gag-a-day with serious storylines. Updates weekdays.
  • Supernormal Step -- A young woman is pulled into a world where cartoon fantasy is mundane, and she now has superpowers like everybody else. Then she gets sent back, and the magic follows her. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.
  • What It Takes -- A young woman does what it takes to survive after the apocalypse. Updates WF.
  • Spare Keys for Strange Doors -- A pair of magicians investigate paranormal mysteries in the modern world. Updates Wednesdays.
  • Daughter of the Lilies -- A masked mage with a secret joins a D&D party. Updates WF.
  • Kill Six Billion Demons -- A sorority girl gets dragged into a war in the demon-occupied remains of Heaven. Updates W,Sat.
  • Cucumber Quest -- The sweetest and cutest adventure ever. This is totally awesome in its own way. Updates Fridays.
  • XKCD -- Stick figure comics for people with a college education. Updates about once a week.

Other worthy time wasters:

3 days a week
  • Atomic Robo -- a robot fights monsters throughout the 20th century. Updates MWF.
  • Awaken -- Rebels hide from a government that keeps monster attacks a secret. Updates MWF.
  • Blood Splattered Socks -- A boy is pushed forward in time to live with his older self. MWF.
  • But I'm A Cat Person -- Pokemon with more interesting characters and much better worldbuilding. Updates MWF.
  • El Goonish Shive -- A goofy strip that did a good job of turning serious. Updates either weekdays or MWF.
  • Misfile -- A clerical error in heaven causes a teenage boy to become a girl and a Harvard-bound graduate to lose two years of her life, although the strip is really about car racing and pretty girls. Updates MWF.
  • Raven's Dojo -- An absurd team of raunchy fighters take on villains when they are not fighting each other. NSFW. Updates about 3 times a week.
  • Sins -- An amusing fantasy with lots of good gags. Updates MWF.
  • Star Power -- An astronomer becomes a galactic superhero. Updates MWF.
  • Snow By Night -- Two tricksters abuse the trust of a snow elemental for their own ends. Updates MWF.
  • 164 Days -- An airship adventure. Updates Mondays.
  • Children of Eldair -- Three young women are transported from modern Earth into a magical elven kingdom. Updates Mondays.
  • The Din -- After all high technology begins emitting a deadly force, the world reverts to a lower technology level and begins rebuilding. Updates Mondays.
  • The Forgotten Order -- An ancient magic doll takes a simple-minded girl as its master. Updates Mondays.
  • Kila Ilo -- Cute little alien criminals search for a secret weapon on Earth. Good mix of drama and comedy. Updates Mondays.
  • Monster Lands -- A competent axe-woman fights through silly scenarios in a land ruled by an evil queen. Updates Mondays.
  • Mystery Babylon -- A perpetually grumpy demigoddess kicks ass in a medieval fantasy world. Updates Mondays.
  • Puck -- An elf lives a quite normal and mundane life, leading to comedy. Updates Mondays.
  • Replay -- Freckled foxgirl and friends fight bloody battles with demons. Updates Mondays.
  • The Specialists -- A team of American superheroes trains to fight Nazi supervillains in World War II. Updates Mondays.
  • Three Minute Max -- A man with the power to stop his heart for three minutes becomes a teleporting superhero. Updates Mondays.
Other schedules
  • My Hero -- A sorceress is assigned to guard the hero she has a crush on, and he turns out to be a jerk. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Sandra and Woo -- A girl has a number of quirky friends including a talking raccoon. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Sunfall -- The Sun God dispatches his rebellious teenage daughter to the world of men to learn the ways of mortals. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Culture Shock -- A ninja and a medieval knight chase a witch to a modern city. Updates Mondays and Fridays.
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures -- Don't be turned off by the furries, this is a good strip. Updates Monday and Friday.
  • Exvulnerum -- A spoiled rich brat goes on an adventure with a man who cannot die. Updates MF.
  • Gifts of Wandering Ice -- A tribe receives artifacts from a lost civilization. Updates Mondays and Fridays.
  • Soul to Call -- A rogue travels to a monster-infested city to summon a demon, and gets an unusually young and meek one. Updates Mondays and Fridays.
  • Galaxion -- A spaceship jumps across dimensions to find a parallel Earth that has suffered a catastrophe of some sort. Updates Tuesdays.
  • Saffron and Sage -- An adventurer and her fox companion. Updates Tuesdays.
  • Sleepless Domain -- A magical girl searches for the monster that killed her teammates. Updates TTh.
  • Sombulus - Three quirky adventurers travel between the Myriad Worlds. Updates TTh.
  • Cerintha -- A ditzy girl happens to be an excellent swordswoman. Updates Wednesdays.
  • Inhibit -- The government forces people with superpowers to wear inhibitors. The teenagers don't like it. Updates Wednesdays.
  • Parallax -- A grumpy teenager gets a supersuit and has to fight monsters. Updates Wednesdays.
  • Tangled River -- Colonists live on an alien planet after their technology has broken down. Updates Wednesdays.
  • Castoff -- A shy demonic-looking librarian runs from a charge of treason. Updates Thursdays.
  • Demon Archives -- A power-armored soldier recovers after his squad is killed. Updates Thursdays.
  • Wingless: The Dovecote Princess -- A princess steals a magic book and runs away to become a knight, the first two of many bad decisions. Updates Thursdays.
  • Kiwi Blitz -- A young mech pilot decides to become a superhero. Updates Fridays.
  • The Last Cowboy -- After first contact with extraterrestrials, the human population was devastated by disease. This is the aftermath. Updates Fridays.
  • Lighter Than Heir -- A superhero's conceited daughter enlists in the military. Updates Fridays.
  • Slightly Damned -- As a war between heaven and hell spills out onto the plane of the living, a short humanoid critter and a demon escape from Purgatory and befriend an angel. Updates Fridays.
  • Uh Oh, It's a Dinosaur! -- A cute little dinosaur cutely explores the world. Updates one or two times a week.
  • Doomsday, My Dear -- A hypnotic dictator takes power during a virus outbreak. Updates Saturdays.
  • Beyond the Western Deep -- War brews between neighboring kingdoms after a soldier betrays his allies. Updates Saturdays.
  • Next Town Over -- A mysterious bounty hunter chases a sorceror through the Old West. Updates Sundays.
  • The Monster Under the Bed -- A boy falls in love with the title character. NSFW. Updates Sundays.
  • Cassiopeia Quinn -- The adventures of a silly-minded spaceship thief. Updates about once a week.
  • Out-Of-Placers -- Magic transforms a guardsman into a yinglet. Updates about twice a month.
  • Piled Higher and Deeper -- An amusing look at higher education. Updates about once a week.
  • Raccoon Girl -- A teenager pretends to be a superhero. Updates about once a week.
  • Skin Deep -- When people start transforming into mythical creatures, it tends to disrupt their lives. Updates about once a week.
  • Two Kinds -- A story-based furry strip in a medieval fantasy setting. Updates about once a week.


Because I ought to cut back.

  • Accursed Dragon -- A half-lizard warrior seeks knowledge of his curse. Updates about once a week.
  • Alice and the Nightmare -- A Wonderland resident goes to university to learn how to shape dreams. Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Ava's Demon -- A brilliantly drawn interstellar fantasy. Updates Thursdays.
  • Clockwork -- A mechanic is kidnapped by an enemy country to finish the work of his father. Updates Wednesdays.
  • Dreamrise -- A boy on a space station enters a dreamland. Updates Tuesdays.
  • Exiern -- A soft-core porn comic successfully had a plotline grafted onto it. Updates TTh.
  • Goblins -- Minor D&D creatures learn to level up and decide to go on their own adventures. Updates about once a week.
  • Jupiter -- A powerful alien robot, who acts as the Earth's benevolent overlord, begins to break down. Updates Mondays.
  • Namesake -- The worlds of fantasy and reality collide as a woman is transported to Oz and brings some magic back with her. Updates Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • Precocious -- An Ozy and Millie clone with no Ozy and about a dozen Millies. Updates weekdays.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent - After disease destroys most of civilization, the Scandinavian survivors explore a world fraught with monsters and magic. Updates weekdays.
  • Supermassive Black Hole A* -- Story-oriented sci-fi with a unique art style. Updates weekdays.
  • Tethered -- A scavenger and a robot travel through the remnants of society after an apocalypse. Updates Fridays.
  • True Magic -- In a world ruled by idiots with magic powers, five peasants infiltrate a city to stop academy students from raiding their land. Updates Tuesdays.

Good comics that rarely update:

  • Dresden Codak -- A mix of cyberpunk, fantasy, and humor. Updates once a month. Updates a few times a year.
  • Dead Winter -- Two cute women enjoy the zombie apocalypse while a subplot attempts to play out The Most Dangerous Game and is not going to let the apocalypse interrupt it.
  • The Empathy Drive -- Humans abandoned their interstellar colonies. Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • The Fourth -- A video-game villain plots to prevent the hero from defeating him again. Updates about once a week.
  • Gastro Phobia -- An Amazon warrior and her son travel through ancient Greece in this comedy strip. Updates a couple of times a month.
  • The Last Diplomat -- An unprepared woman is soulbound to a monster to be the only person who can communicate between them. Updates Tuesdays.
  • Magellan -- A superhero academy comic with a huge cast of interesting characters. Updates Wednesdays.
  • The Meek -- Magic, intrigue, good artwork, good comedy, returning after a long hiatus. Updates Wednesdays.
  • Opportunities In Space -- An alien fugitive gets in the way of a team of assassins at a meeting between extraterrestrial and Earth diplomats. Updates WF. On hiatus.
  • Power Nap -- In a future where everyone works 20-hour days and takes drugs to avoid needing sleep, an exhausted man who is allergic to the drugs starts seeing hallucinations that leave physical damage behind them. Updates irregularly.
  • StarDrop -- A kind-hearted space princess runs away to Earth. Updates about twice a month.
  • String Theory -- A mad scientist destroys his life. Updates Wednesdays. Updates a few times a month.
  • William the Last -- An orphan boy named William enters a world ruled by a mad king who kills anyone with that name. Updates about twice a month.
  • Wonderella -- A Wonder Woman parody with a rude, obnoxious superheroine. Updates Saturdays.


  • Shades of Gray -- A drama about students at a starship academy. Good worldbuilding. Updates weekly. Cancelled.
  • Henchgirl -- The adventures of a sidekick to a low-tier supervillain. Updates Tuesdays. Completed.

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