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SCENE: The wizard Gandalf enters Hobbiton to visit his friend.

GANDALF: "Hey, B-man, you got the stuff?"

BILBO: (smiling) "In my pocketses."

[Bilbo pulls out a baggie of weed. Gandalf takes some and lights up.]

GANDALF: "OOHHHH WOW this is it right here."

... six months later ...

BILBO: "Hey, weren't we supposed to be going on an adventure or something?"

GANDALF: "Aw, we can do that later; the movie's long enough. Got anything to eat around here?"

Peter Jackson presents...

The Habbit

180 minutes of Gandalf's downward spiral. A movie that is this generation's "2001: A Space Oddysey" in that you have to be stoned to see it.

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