Swedish radio reporter Nils Horner was assassinated in Kabul. This apparently took place in the most heavily defended district of the country.

The fog of early rumour-based reporting suggests the attackers may have been wearing NATO uniforms. The Sverges Radio report describes the attackers as "clad in Western clothes" while Aftonbladet claims they wearing military uniforms. The circumstances are still foggy and contradictory; some reports say Horner was interviewing members of the public on the street, while Aftonbladet places him in a restaurant. Aftonbladet claims there is video of the killing, so that should clear up some of these questions.

[Edit Mar 11] for the inevitable Betteridging, the latest trend in assassin fashion is that one killer was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, and the other was in traditional Afghan clothes. No more uniforms.

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