The Supreme Court let stand the Google v. Oracle decision finding APIs to be copyrightable (mentioned earlier). They did not make a decision but chose not to hear it on the advice of Solicitor General Donald Verrilli who affirmed the appeals court ruling.


U.S. military members serving in countries that observe Ramadan are required to adhere to certain practices while outside U.S. installations.

“The commander’s policy dictates that airmen will adhere to local law, which prohibits eating, drinking or tobacco use off base in public,” said Sickles.

This is only a When In Rome situation. Fasting during Ramadan is the law in some countries, not only a religious practice, and soldiers are expected to follow the country's law when they are off base.

al-Monitor, citing emails from Tyler Drumheller to Sidney Blumenthal:

According to one entry from March 22, 2011, “officers” with the General Directorate for External Security — the French intelligence service — “began a series of secret meetings” with Jalil and Gen. Abdul Fatah Younis in Benghazi in late February and gave them “money and guidance” to set up the council ... “In return for their assistance,” the memo states, “the DGSE officers indicated that they expected the new government of Libya to favor French firms and national interests, particularly regarding the oil industry in Libya.” ... Another memo dated May 5 asserts that individuals close to the council stated “in strictest confidence” that as early as mid-April 2011 French humanitarian flights also included “executives from the French company TOTAL, the large construction from VINCI and the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V. (EADS).” Subsequent flights have allegedly carried representatives “from the conglomerate THALYS and other large French firms, all with close ties to [Sarkozy].”

Also blamed is Bernard Henri-Levy.

al-Monitor notes that this information is impossible to verify, and questions Drumheller's honesty due to his involvement in the Nigerian yellowcake hoax.

John Schindler on Twitter says that the Office of Personnel Management data breach is much worse than reported given the types of information that is in this database, including blackmail material and identities of foreign contacts.

Let me explain a bit about why the compromise of OPM information is so serious from a security & counterintelligence (CI) viewpoint. We can take it as a given that career/HR type info has been compromised on 4M FedGov employees (2.1M current) whose data got hacked. That's important -- but far more is background investigation (BI) info which OPM first denied was compromised, now admits it has been.

A USG BI, which OPM handles a lot of for many different agencies, is NOT some sort of glorified credit check, it's much more than that. BI contains very personal & private information, supplied by security clearance applicants then verified (one hopes) by adjudicators. BI data includes your personal life, travels, full bio, details on finances and any "troubles" -- legal, private, sexual, you name it. BI also goes into great detail about "foreign national contacts" of clearance holders and applicants -- a goldmine for foreign intel.

Whoever has this info now can say about FedGover X that they know more about them than that person's best friends, even spouse/partner. This is EXACTLY the sort of information any FI service would love to have in order to influence, recruit, or compromise USG personnel. From any CI viewpoint, OPM hack is a certified disaster that it will be difficult to repair in less than decades. A truly epic #FAIL

Only people who may know me as well as my BI paperwork does are my lawyer, my doctor & my priest. Nearly all cleared people = similar. Although OPM says "only" 4M FedGov are impacted, I strongly advise ANYBODY who's had a clearance since 1985 to watch credit rprts etc.

The US Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the NSA phone metadata collection program illegal. They skip over the constitutional question of Smith v. Maryland and say that since it was not authorized by Section 215 or any other law, it is not legal for the government to do. I love it.

This also does not seem to be an April Fool's Day joke. I think the whole country saw this coming when Shrub started seizing accused terrorists' assets without a warrant.

Florida's Department of Environmental Protection has banned all use of the terms "climate change" and "global warming". Permanent sea-level rise is referred to as "nuisance flooding". The order appears to come from the office of Governor Rick Scott.

Somebody emailed al-Jazeera a cache of documents from Mossad, MI6, FSB, and the Australian and South African intelligence agencies. Which means someone who views Qatar favorably was part of a network that had the kind of access to these agencies needed to get these documents.

Someone calling themselves "BillCaseyHoneyPot" and "the rodeo clown" made some comments to the Washington Post about alleged past covert operations, the Washington Post scrubbed the comments, Cryptome republished them, and Network Solutions blocked access to Cryptome (likely a coincidence -- see note at bottom of this post). Copies of the comments are held at SkidPaste and The comments look like the ramblings of a total crank and touch on several subjects:

  • A DARPA data harvesting project called GROVER that was capable of recreating the Washington Post's internal database in 2005
  • A satellite called Big Bird that could read the label off a golf ball from orbit
  • A satellite called SK-91 that orbits three times a day
  • A key: E4A966FF04DD296A41F5AAD497C64494 that should "scare the hell out of the CIA"
  • A 3/4 inch "Helms tape" that, if it were released publicly, would put Henry Kissinger and Porter Goss on death row, implicate Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Cheney, and collapse the US dollar and make everyone go over to LlamaCoin, a cryptocurrency for people who don't think Dogecoin sounds dorky enough
  • Porter Goss "should be very grateful" that someone named Roman "is controlled"
  • Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, who he claims the NSA is making no effort to track
  • "Kabul - Kazakhstan - Unocal - Bearden - NORTH"
  • "16 people shot" in Balochistan after Timothy L. Towell is dispatched there by Hillary Clinton, possibly a reference to an incident in 2010
  • Towell drugging a man and tying him to a bed in Uruguay. There is no evidence online that this ever happened. [Edit Mar 2] The location was Paraguay, and Towell was charged with rape.
  • The assassination of Northern Alliance commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. He claims the CIA did it and that he has a full trail of documentation.

About the author:

  • He claims to have participated in talks by the Helmand Valley with North (Oliver?), Casey (Bill?), and Bush (George Sr?).
  • He claims to have enrolled at a university in Pennsylvania at 12 years old in 1973, which should make it easy to identify him.
  • He he claims to have taken the Helms tape in his first year at university.
  • He doesn't know how to use Youtube or else that tape would be online already.
  • He claims to have "taken everything from Loftus's computer", a possible reference to CIA historian John Loftus [Edit March 4] whose book he recommends. He is also a fan of Bodansky and avacados.
  • He claims that the Department of Justice is tracking him for talking to Edward Snowden.

It's possible that this is a real spook going senile or drunkposting, but it has a very crankish feeling to it.

Llamacoin is a nearly blank webpage with the text "You may also know Llamacoin by the name of TurtleCalabrese Coin." About which no, you may not have because no one else on the web has ever mentioned TurtleCalabrese Coin or any variation of Turtle Calabrese. There is another Llamacoin related to an Andres Abad in South America, but this seems to be a different person.

The takedown of Cryptome may be a coincidence. Reading between the lines of their twitter account, it looks like they were hosting the full-length movie Citizen Four and ate too much bandwidth for their shared hosting plan. The Internet Archive has also deleted a copy of the movie that they were hosting.

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